Google Plus is still a kind of a stranger in a social networking, where Facebook is the king. However, lots of our clients already know that Facebook is good for branding, not for selling. Meanwhile Google Plus is coming with a great force which will change a lot in online marketing sooner or later.


Main reasons to have Google Plus page for business instead of Facebook:

1. It has impact on organic results

2. Google is offering a great deal of solutions for business which cannot be found in Facebook:

a. E-shop analog (not enabled yet)

b. Video conferences between business representatives and customers with Google Hangout

c. Youtube integration

d. Google Maps integration

e. Email integration

f. Amazing analytics

g. Strong connection with Google search

h. Easily found and distinguishable means of business

i. “Circles” which make it simple to choose content for sharing it with different groups of people.

Go to Google Plus. The sooner – the better. We will help you.